Correct tire inflation

Once you have chosen the perfect tires for your vehicle, it is essential not to dwell on just the purchase. The next step? Maintenance. Given the critical importance of tires to your business operations and the substantial investment they represent, it pays to maximize their performance and durability. Maintaining optimal tire pressure is by far the best method to achieve this.

Maintaining correct and consistent tire pressure not only has a beneficial effect on tire wear and the life of the tire itself, but it can also contribute significantly to reducing fuel consumption. It is ideal to check tire pressure before every shift change. If this is not possible, ensure that the check takes place at least daily.

It is crucial to watch out for tire pressure that is too high or too low. Too much pressure can lead to uneven wear and an increased risk of tire damage, especially on rough terrain. On the other hand, too little pressure causes tires to flex more and wear out faster, and increases the chance of overload.

Tires are the lifeblood that keeps your vehicles moving. Paying careful attention to the correct tire pressure will ensure that your vehicles continue to perform optimally.