Tires often represent a significant expense and it is therefore crucial that we handle their maintenance and lifespan with care. An effective approach involves adopting reliable maintenance practices and regularly inspecting both the tires and the terrain on which they are used. This includes checking tire pressure, tire condition, and conducting thorough terrain analyses.

Proactive monitoring of your tires’ performance plays a key role in maximizing their usefulness and longevity. Thanks to Goodyear’s advanced EMTrack performance management tool, professionals can now easily collect important data on tire pressure, tread depth, and more. This data is automatically and securely uploaded to the EMTrack app, where it is kept in a secure environment.

Over time, the accumulation of this data allows you to track and analyze key performance indicators such as cost per hour, cost per ton, and hours per 32nd of an inch. These insights are essential for making informed tire maintenance decisions, providing a predictive view of the future needs of your tires. This is not only crucial for your budgeting, but also helps when choosing future tires and making other important decisions.